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Our FAQs

Your Questions, Answered

How many people can fit in The Octopus House?

Each of the Egyptian & Oriental Rooms can take 6 people, and the main boardroom is set for 8. There are two cafe tables in the main area inside, plus a couch. Outside, there are two cafe tables in the back and two in the front. At capacity, the Octopus House can hold 32 people in its various areas. Membership is limited to 13 individuals only. 

Is this a co-working space?

Between 8am and 5pm The Octopus House is open to members, of which there are 13 maximum places available, plus us. We call this an exclusive membership because it is far more than a space to come and work. There is no other co-working opportunity in the world that can give you what a membership to The Octopus House offers. 

What events can I book here?

You can book a private room for a business meeting, which includes coffee plus a glass writing wall. (Projector capabilities can be arranged). In the evening the home is open for private events which you are welcome to discuss with us. 

How long is my membership for?

Memberships are available ongoing. You must pay at least one month in advance or your membership will immediately be canceled. This is to accommodate potential new members that may be on a waiting list. Enquire and put your name down today to avoid disappointment. 

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