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Join our high-end quality group

There are just 13 memberships available for The Octopus House for Conscious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. 

As a member, you receive a suite of benefits that can assist your business to grow beyond what you felt was possible. Our parent company is world-renowned and has assisted over 300,000 people just like you to maximise their potential over the past fifteen years.

A Globally Unique Offering

For the Conscious Discerning Entrepreneur


Access To The Octopus House, including the meeting rooms

Let's face it, these days you don't need an office 24/7/365. Your exclusive membership gives you eight (16) days a month, where you can come and use the premises, for ambiance, meetings, or simply a change in environment. You have Biometric access from 8am - 5pm and can book a meeting room at no cost on the system when you want to have clients over. Free parking, wifi and coffee included. 

Access to certified World-class Business education 

Every Entrepreneur needs business intelligence at their fingertips. Our award-winning platform is NOT curated. We give you answers at your fingertips to over 200 business issues, from strategy to sales. Every nugget of genius is tried and tested in our own environments and was masterminded over the past five years at events around the world.

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attendance to QUARTERLY business MASTERMINDS

As an Octopus House Member, you will be eligible to partake in quarterly in-house Masterminds where we discuss and solve the big issues you may be facing at that time in business. These Masterminds have been run across the world and have helped literally hundreds of people. They are now available to assist you.

1 - 1 strategy Session with our award-winning founders

At a similar time to each Mastermind, quarterly, each member will be offered a 1 - 1 coaching session with one of our founders. In this session, you can throw around ideas, get problems solved or discuss opportunities you have, and gain guidance.


access to 4 Days of Live Events Annually

We run two live events for two days each in Cape Town each year, and as a member you can join for free, saving you over R10,000 on registration. Generally, there is an event focussed on marketing and sales, as well as an event on more general business and mindset. These events are reserved for our global high-end clients, and now also for members of The Octopus House.

access to weekly live webinars

Each Tuesday at 9am (South Africa time) we have a live webinar with guest presenters who are world-class, and from all around the world. As a member of The Octopus House, you can attend these, interact and ask questions. Topics include business, international trends, mindset, and occasionally health and wellbeing.

Group Calls

the option to access our premium eventing service

The Octopus House has the experience and expertise to take care of all details concerning your next event, including convention and business breakfast planning. We understand the pressure involved in hosting an event, and we provide additional eventing services in order to make sure that everything goes exactly as planned. Let us know if you'd like more information about this service. 

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